Acoustic Blues Tuesdays Jam

Acoustic-Blues-Tuesdays-4This is an open invitation to our weekly Acoustic Blues Jam.
Grab a friend, a player, a blues-man on the corner and come make some beautiful noise with some of your favorite Chicago Blues, Delta Blues or Homesick Blues. You get the picture!
Whatever you’re up for, just keep it as close to acoustic as you can!

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Adrian Bellue & Kris Schulz, $5 Cover


Adrian Bellue

“After several years of playing the electric guitar, I put down the instrument and picked up martial arts.
When a serious injury left me in solitude, I picked up my old acoustic guitar and realized the similarities between the two arts.
That inspired me to live my life exploring the endless possibilities of music and the guitar, and sharing the inspiration.”

Adrian Bellue is a multi-guitarist hailing from Sacramento, California. Taking influence and inspiration from the new age contemporary movement, Adrian pushes beyond the limits of the acoustic guitar and harp guitar. Adrian has performed and studied with world renowned guitarists such as John Doan, Antoine Dufour, and Craig D’Andrea, and has been publicly endorsed by guitar masters such as Andy McKee and Don Ross. Adrian is pictured below with his beautiful Stonebridge G23SC-C. The guitar features a sitka spruce top paired with cocobolo back and sides.

Co-producing his first album with producer Brian Lee Bender, Adrian has been performing across the west coast and beyond with his modern approach to acoustic finger style guitar.
Adrian has shared the stage with world renowned guitarists such as Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, and Craig D’Andrea, and has been complimented by guitar masters such as John Doan, Thomas Leeb, and Don Ross.

Running his musical operation out of his hometown in Sacramento, Adrian has been featured and interviewed on networks such as KCRA3 and Capital Public Radio.
Currently he is writing his next album to be recorded in Montreal with Antoine Dufour this summer. Stay tuned for videos and updates for the album campaign!
Be sure to follow him on various social media, and come see a performance that will move and inspire you! ~ Adrian Bellue

Kris Schulz

“I’ve been lucky enough to have music in my life from the day I was born.

It seems almost everyone in my family plays music but it is my father Manfred who has always been my biggest inspiration. He taught me to use my ears at a very young age and gave me all the tools I needed to learn the language of music my own way.

Over the years I’ve sang, played piano, drums, and sax; but it’s the guitar that grabbed my heart and changed my life.

At times I’m a student, indulging in countless hours of devoted study to my craft.
At times I’m a teacher, always happy to share my knowledge and passion with anyone who inquires.
And at times, when I’m centred and focused, the real music begins and all the meaningless noise disappears and is replaced by the stillness of truth.

My song can be ferocious, full of power and confidence, or it can be insecure and speak from a place of doubt.
It can be inspired by those around me or come from a deep isolation within.
It is a song that reminds me of how human I am in all my accomplishments and failures and I am forever grateful to play it.

Like many, music helps me to convey emotions I can’t put into words and I’m fascinated by its universal language and ability to communicate that which cannot be said.

What I do is simple, I strive play the sounds I hear in my hear in my head, nothing more, nothing less,I have no better understanding of the process than that.

There are many styles and disciplines of music I study and follow but in the end, it’s all just music. And while I subscribe to rigorous training and musical intellect at times, it’s the sense of total freedom I crave when the notes play themselves and I am merely their conductor.” ~ Kris Schulz

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Our New Website Goes Online

Thank you for visiting.  Our website is now online. We appreciate your patience as we get our shiny new website up and rolling with lots of great content, videos and events calendar.

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Coyote Slim

Coyote Slim is a modern songster, who plays traditional blues and old-time songs often interjected with stories and verses drawn from his own experiences working in the outdoors in California’s mountains, woods, and urban jungles. His brand of rootsy, down-to earth blues is loved by people of all ages and musical tastes. He has gigged at festivals like Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA, and the Sonoma-Cohoma Blues Festival at Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma, CA. A frequent player at farmer’s markets, he has also been heard at house-parties, small clubs, benefits, 49s, speakeasies throughout California, AZ, and even in Mexico, There is rarely a week that goes by in which Coyote Slim is not entertaining crowds of 30 to 150 people or more.
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SonicBids Music News

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5 months ago

The Acoustic Den Cafe

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5 months ago

The Acoustic Den Cafe

Thank you my friends, for allowing me to host you these past 3 years. Special thanks to those who came to The Acoustic Den Cafe Saturday afternoon. It was a heartfelt pleasure to share some of my music with you (I warned you about my lack of rehearsal.) But you were, as you always have been, gracious and considerate of the musician on stage.

The second to last song that I sang was "As Friends" which I wrote in 1980, inspired by my friend in Chicago. As I said when I announced the song, I added a final verse to the song yesterday morning, dedicated to all of you.

To have understanding, supporting a cause
Accepting shortcomings, accepting the flaws
Ever believing and never deceiving
As friends
Until the end...

Thank you my friends.

One last thing on yesterday, an earring was found on the floor at a table near the door.

Status updates on The Den will be posted.
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5 months ago

The Acoustic Den Cafe
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Pine Street Ramblers

5 5 1
We couldn't get enough of them, and will follow them. Local Auburn group that has toured in Europe. Fortunately I got their CD! The "Den" is a great place to hang out in a nice atmosphere.

Nov 4th at the Den

5 5 1
Friday Nite with Hilary Scott singer song writer was amazing! Her voice is pure and wonderful and her songs were so good we had to buy her latest CD: Freight Train Love which I can't stop playing! Had a great time!

Harmony Hustlers

5 5 1
What a great place and the music was hoppin.

Can't Get Enough!

5 5 1
So far I've been to different open mics and Acoustic Blues Tuesdays. It's always a lot of fun. There's a wide range of talent & abilities from people who are helpful, supportive and non-judgemental. P.S. The sliders and chocolate chip cookies are killer!

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